The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day Ten

Today, Sonja and I watched the Simpson's Movie (which is very funny btw). After that, Briant, Ethan, Connely and I went SCUBA diving with Steffan, Matt, Bian and some foreigners. We went to Anchor Point, which was totally swank. The first thing we saw when we got to the bottom was a barracuda. Connely pointed out the barracuda to me and I looked and freaked out! Freak out as in an excited freak out. I took the underwater camera and had Steffan take pictures of the cousins, and one of Bian and I. After forty minutes, I ran out of air and had to share with Steffan. By then, we were really really tired, but, we went to Zeelandia anyway. Zeelandia is on the Atlantic side of the island. The surf was really good but a little rough. I took a board out and actually got up. The undertow was super strong and the rules said we weren't allowed to swim but we did anyway. Ethan and Briant took out some surfboards and caught a few waves. When we were tired of the beach, we went to the dock at Golden Rock and rigged up a swing. Then we took turns swinging and jumping into the water. By then, the water was really dark and the swells were outrageous. Before dinner, Ethan got out all of his treasures and showed them to us. That kid has got a boatload of shipwreck stuff; spoons, buttons, jewelry, nails, and even a few diamonds and a ruby. For dinner we had pasta with white or marinara sauce, garlic bread, and green salad. After dinner, we went over to the Queen's and played games and watched movies. For dessert we had brownies and ice cream.

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