The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve & Day/ Day 8 & 9

So, we went last minute Christmas shopping and cooking. We had a lovely dinner of broccoli soup, homemade pizza and jelly beans. Then we played Two Truths and a Lie, and Spoons until the movie "A Christmas Story" came on. We watched it until all of us fell asleep. Then at five-fifty in the morning, Sonja woke me up and we go to the living room and camp out by our stockings. In my stocking I got: lipgloss, perfume, pencils, chocolate, a harmonica, some shower gel, a candy cane shaped soap and lots of other stuff. Then we opened Christmas presents. Charles got an assortment of pirate garb and swords and knives and stuff. Sophia got a lot of school supplies, some clothes, stickers, jewelry and some moe girly stuff. Ethan and Connely got DVDs, Donkey Kong, Pringles, books, peanuts, Crocs, and some other stuff they needed including BYU t-shirts. Henry, Briant, Sonja and I didn't get very much. We all got some Ting, some Nutella spread, St. Eustatius mugs, etc. Sonja and I got hairbrushes, lipgloss, perfume, bracelets and candy. Sonja got me two coloring books that I picked out and wrapped. For breakfast, we had toast and cereal. After breakfast, we cleaned up our Christmas mess and went SCUBA diving. SCUBA diving was great. It was a little stormy but that didn't stop us! This time we went with Philippe and Menno, the Frenchies. HAHA. After SCUBA diving, Briant, Ethan and I watched StarTrek, which I got Ethan for Christmas. Halfway through, Briant and I fell asleep but Ethan stayed up watching the whole thing. Every so now and then, Ethan would pause the movie and ask me a question. After three questions, I was so bugged that I hit him over the head with a pillow.

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