The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some more Pics

Some Pics


Sorry about not posting for like...the last four months of my Caribbean adventure. But, my computer broke and then I forgot the password to my blogging thingy. So anyway! I have then since had my first (and second, third, fourth) kisses, gone SCUBA diving like every week, turned 15, made the best of friends, and have come home to Provo, UT. (boring compared to Statia).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long time, No...nothing

Where oh where to start?
2. Had some visitors
3. I love life
4. Basically it

Let's start with number one! The last dive I went on was absolutely the BEST! I went on two dives in one day which is so much fun, but really really tiring. On the first dive, we went to Anchor Point East. So cool! It is on a really really beautiful coral reef with tons of fish and awesome wildlife. We saw a Hawkbill turtle diggin in the sand for some food. After the first dive, we drove the boat back to the dock and hopped out and ate lunch that Aunt Laura made us. We had sandwiches, cookies, salad and soda pops. The people I went with are probably the best people on this planet. Kathy, Ryan, Brittany and Maggie Queen came from NY (our visitors). They are super duper nice! We went on both dives with them. Then there was Stefan, Glenn, Bian, me, Connely and Ethan. On that first dive, my ear equalized!!! Alleluia! My buddy was Connely but I mostly stuck around with Bian. (he is so cute!) Anyway...our second dive was on a wreck. SO COOL! My first wreck dive every. I loved it. At first it was a little freaky, but after a while it was ok. My ears equalized fine and it was great! We saw a barracuda, which looked like it would eat Connely and we also saw a Green turtle. Bian was reaching out to touch it when Stefan got really mad. He was putting out his hand like a stop sign and mouthing the words STOP! He also did the slit-throat gesture. So Bian didn't get to touch the turtle. I got a really sweet picture of Bian and the turtle swimming side by side. Those were the best two dives of my life!
After diving, we went to the Queen's and had taco salads and played nightgames. Maggie and Ethan went off into some corner and so Connely, Nikki, Sophia, Bian and I played nightgames! They were so fun. First we played Sardines. Bian was first hiding. It took me like forty minutes to find him. He has an unfair advantage because his skin is dark. Anyway we found him in a shed. After Sardines, we played Bear's at Night and Basketball. I was lying down in the middle of the tennis courts when the basketball came down and got me right in the gut. Naturally, my first instict was to grab it and run. So that's exactly what I did. Well, Bian came up from behind me and tried to get the ball out of my arms. He was doing everything he could to get me to drop it; tickling me, running in front of me, everything I tell you! I tried to beat him off, but it was like trying to get a huge boulder off you. It was so hard to beat him off. I finally just let go of the ball, but Bian still held on to me...sigh...

Monday, February 8, 2010


So...we went to Jerry's house, had ribs, potato salad, some really yummy jalapeno cheeseyness, chips and Michele's special chipdip, and lots of other foods! Then, duh, we watched the SUPERBOWL! It was pretty wild. Everyone sat down to drink their coffee, and then Queen Latifa starts belting out the National Anthem. She put her own twist to it and was saying "America, America, God Bless AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" over and over again. It was pretty ridiculous! Everyone was a Saints fan except for Manny who was totally Colts all the way! He was yelling at everybody to get the "(Censored) out of here!"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ye Old Scavenger Hunt

So, last night, we rounded up a bunch of med students, ate a delish dinner and then separated into teams. The teams were Kevin and Nate, Gary and Antu, Dave and Renee and then Jad, Hina, Connely, Sophia and I. The first three teams were on quads and we took the car. After we had our first clue, there was a car in front of us who was going about two km an hour. We honked and signaled that we wanted to pass him, he went over to the side of the road, and just as we were gunning it, he swerved into us. CRASH BOOM BANG a car accident. It was totally his fault. After we got everything taken care of, we went to the next clue and to the next clue, etc. We were going all over the island just to get the next clue. Our car had the advantage because 1) we're a car 2) Connely and I know this island like the back of our hands 3) Jad likes to speed. The clue that really got us, was the one in the fort. We ran all over town pointing north and yelling! When we were driving all over town on different streets, three times we saw Bian. All three times, Connely was like "Hey! It's Bian" and then we all hanged out of the windows yelling "HEY BIAN" at the top of our lungs! After we finished the whole scavenger hunt, Jad took us out to ice cream. Then we came home and had pumpkin cake and told our stories to each other. The funniest part of the scavenger hunt was the first mission we were supposed to accomplish: Find out Heavy's real name. Everyone came back with Mervin Hoogelay. But that was NOT the name he gave us! We had to pay him five guilders in order to get his name. His real name is Mervin Earns. And he's a weirdo! Anyway, It was a pretty hilarious night for all of us!!!!! (P.S. Mom- we totally MUST do this for one of my birthday parties)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A WinAir flight and a swim meet later...

...I'm pretty much pooped. In St. Maarten, we had a totally huge (small..hugely small) swim meet. The teams there were from St. Barths, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Antigua and another unknown island. It was WAY fun!!! I swam the 800m Freestyle in 11:43:09, a record time on my part, and came in second. The girl who beat me, only beat me by a second. The three girls that I beat, got out of the pool and were pretty mad that a white girl had beat them! They were all like "White girl don't beat us black girls! It jus don' 'appen!" and I was all like "Girl, this white chick beat cha!" and then she was like "Oh no you did't" and I was like "Girl, you know I did". So yeah...
After the meet, Naomi, Tina and I checked in at our hotel; the Royal Turtle Inn. Cute lil' place. Their pool was about the size of our bedroom (like five feet by five feet). They had monkeys, parrots that could talk and a lobster tub. It looked like a zoo! In the morning, we went shopping for stuff that Aunt Laura had requested: pretzels, salsa, cheese, lunch meat, peanut butter and the like. We also walked up and down the boardwalk and went shopping at the little boutiques along the way. I got Charles and Sophia key chains that change color in the sun at a place called Del Sol. At four, they dropped me off at the airport and I took a WinAir flight home. When we landed, Charles ran up and jumped on me and wrapped all of his limbs around me and put his head on my shoulder. He pretty much screamed my name in the airport. He's so cute!!!! When I told him about the pretzels that I brought home, his face lit up! When we got home, I unpacked all of my goodies and Connely's eyes got really wide when I pulled out the meat! It was pretty hilarious.