The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 11

Well, it being Sunday, we didn't do much. We had our regular meeting and then had lunch at the Botanical Gardens. In the Botanical Gardens, we looked over the edge to whale watch but we didn't see much. The Botanical Gardens were full of the natural plant life on the island. There were mango, papaya, guava and calabash trees. There were "sensory stations" that tested your senses. There was a taste one, but no one was there with the food. Sonja, Sophia and I mistook some hamocks as toys when they were really volunteers' beds. HAHA. It was pretty funny when Aunt Laura came up and said "What are you doing in their beds?" We all had a pretty good laugh. After that incident, we went up the hill a bit to the playground and had a little fun there. Aunt Laura also took a whole bunch of photos which were very cute. A couple were of everybody. Connely found a little injured bird, so we put that in the picture as well. It was a very cute bird. Well anyway, after the trip to the Botanical Gardens, we went home and started to make dinner. For dinner, we went over to the Queen's and had a BBQ; BBQ chicken, salad, potatos, and rolls. For dessert, we had coconut cake and chocolate pie. Then the boys and I went downstairs and went to bed.

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