The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 19

We had a great time today! None of us went to school; we just played hooky. At noon, we went over to a friends and had lunch. We also had a long long long talk about sailing. After lunch, we went home and I got ready to go to swim team. The Statia swim team consists of three kids under the age of 8, me and another 14-year-old, Naomi. The little kids had their own little set. Naomi and I did a 100 warmup, then 10x200 as fast as possible, then a 100 cooldown. It was pretty easy, considering the practices that Sean gives us. In February, there is a huge swim meet on St. Maarten. In March there is one on St. Lucia and in April there is a Dutch meet on Curacao. I am pretty excited to go to the other islands. (assuming my parents will let me) Naomi and I get along pretty well. Speaking of swimming, Mom, I need you to send me some goggles and a swim cap. Oh and some more vaseline. THANKS!!!!

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