The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Friday, December 18, 2009

Day Two

Ok, day two....where to start. Well, last night, Sonja, Sophia, Maggie and I went to bed around one in the morning. We were watching scary shark shows that made me want to never swim again. After sleeping for like...hmmmm around three hours, we ate breakfast of pancakes and toast and juice. After that we cleaned up our rooms and went to the beach. At the beach, we got on our snorkeling gear and went treasure hunting. The treasure is blue beads, musket balls, sea glass, black beads, old bottles dating back to the 1500s, old buttons and whatever else you can find that's authentic. After a while, we got really hungry so we went up the beach to get some yummy food. We had peanut butter/nutella sandwiches. The two together are the best! Then we all headed back into the water. I spotted a stingray and got the attention of the others. We all followed the stingray until we lost it in a shipwreck. unfortunately, I forgot to bring my underwater camera case, so I couldn't get a picture. Connely, Ethan, Briant and Henry found 8 musket balls, a peice of a lead pipe, two buttons and a tag of some sort. When all of us were completely tuckered out, we, being eight people, crammed ourselves into a little tiny red car and headed home. It started raining so me and Briant stayed outside and took our shower in the rain. Uncle Ed brought us some shampoo and we got clean under the sky. It was pretty fun :) For dinner we had grilled cheese sandwiches and potato salad. YUM. Until tomorrow!


  1. i know. it was really fun. the island is not as good as home but its pretty good :)