The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long time, No...nothing

Where oh where to start?
2. Had some visitors
3. I love life
4. Basically it

Let's start with number one! The last dive I went on was absolutely the BEST! I went on two dives in one day which is so much fun, but really really tiring. On the first dive, we went to Anchor Point East. So cool! It is on a really really beautiful coral reef with tons of fish and awesome wildlife. We saw a Hawkbill turtle diggin in the sand for some food. After the first dive, we drove the boat back to the dock and hopped out and ate lunch that Aunt Laura made us. We had sandwiches, cookies, salad and soda pops. The people I went with are probably the best people on this planet. Kathy, Ryan, Brittany and Maggie Queen came from NY (our visitors). They are super duper nice! We went on both dives with them. Then there was Stefan, Glenn, Bian, me, Connely and Ethan. On that first dive, my ear equalized!!! Alleluia! My buddy was Connely but I mostly stuck around with Bian. (he is so cute!) Anyway...our second dive was on a wreck. SO COOL! My first wreck dive every. I loved it. At first it was a little freaky, but after a while it was ok. My ears equalized fine and it was great! We saw a barracuda, which looked like it would eat Connely and we also saw a Green turtle. Bian was reaching out to touch it when Stefan got really mad. He was putting out his hand like a stop sign and mouthing the words STOP! He also did the slit-throat gesture. So Bian didn't get to touch the turtle. I got a really sweet picture of Bian and the turtle swimming side by side. Those were the best two dives of my life!
After diving, we went to the Queen's and had taco salads and played nightgames. Maggie and Ethan went off into some corner and so Connely, Nikki, Sophia, Bian and I played nightgames! They were so fun. First we played Sardines. Bian was first hiding. It took me like forty minutes to find him. He has an unfair advantage because his skin is dark. Anyway we found him in a shed. After Sardines, we played Bear's at Night and Basketball. I was lying down in the middle of the tennis courts when the basketball came down and got me right in the gut. Naturally, my first instict was to grab it and run. So that's exactly what I did. Well, Bian came up from behind me and tried to get the ball out of my arms. He was doing everything he could to get me to drop it; tickling me, running in front of me, everything I tell you! I tried to beat him off, but it was like trying to get a huge boulder off you. It was so hard to beat him off. I finally just let go of the ball, but Bian still held on to me...sigh...


  1. Yeah for an update! Glad you went on 2 awesome dives. I'm still jealous of how many dives you get to go on. maybe one day I'll get to go diving.

  2. Sounds like you're having quite the adventure my friend! Miss you tons! Everything here is still weird without you. I'll have to send you an email update about how everything is going here, along with some pictures. Love ya! Um still super jealous and have yet to travel farther than Florida..... Haha. UPDATE MORE, even if you don't have much to say. I really live reading your blog. Yep. I do. So update more! :) lol just kidding, just do all you can.

  3. Francis, I wanted to wish you the Happiest of Happy Birthdays!!!! Enjoy what time you have left in paradise!!! We miss you and cant wait for your return!!! Please know we think of you often!!!! Love, Sister Hart