The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I finally figured out how to get pictures on!!! YAY. I will describe them top to bottom: 1. Connely flashing 'blood', Henry looking oh so cute, Ethan, Briant flashing some LA gang sing, and me.
2. Me, Ethan, Briant and Bian
3. the beach, DiveStatia
4. hunting for treasure
5. Ethan sitting on a cannon at the Fort
6. Henry looking like a goof, Ethan's head and Annie standing in the background
7. Briant and I sitting on a cannon
8. Sonja being Vanna White and showing us the cannon, while laying on it

I, Frances, do hereby solemnly swear to post pictures whenever I feel it necessary.

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