The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm no longer going to count days...OK?

Well...went to BB Hole. Didn't find anything. Petra found a bb though. Petra wants to have a henna party at her house. I drew this really cool design on my hand and she wants a similar one on her hand too. That should be coolio. Before our dive, we went to breakfast with the couple whose boat crashed. We had the BEST b-fast ever: eggs, granola, toast, bacon, pancakes, papaya stuff, applesauce, guava juice.YUM. Then we went on our dive. I think that the whole island is teasing me about Bian. Its really getting annoying. After the dive, we did our chores and then we went to a BBQ at Hilda's. There we had bbqed everything, beans, rice, potato salad and other yummy's. For drink, we had.....TING. Absolutely prime. At like nine we came home and our beds. We slept for like HOURS. P.S. the swim team has a swim meet in St. Maarten on a Sunday....I have decided to go. 1. if I don't, there is no team 2.all of their meets on are Sunday's 3. its all about the experience

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