The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gone with the Earthquake? Oh wait, Wind.

Currently, I am guessed it! Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. It takes Scarlett a thousand pages to figure out who she really loves! Beat around the bush much?!?!?! To tie in the earthquake thing, we were never harmed by the earthquakes in Haiti. We did, however, have a lunch club where the proceeds went to Haiti. Sophia went on a five mile walk with her school to raise money for Haiti. How is it that Haiti gets the worst of all the elements? Hmmmm. I'll ask Charles. I once asked Charles how to blow up a bird and he sang the song when Fiona (Shrek) sings the song and the bird blows up! CLASSIC. Connely told me a story that Charles was up in a tree singing that song to a birds' nest.

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