The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 15/New Year's Eve

Well, today we had a wild time at da island parties, mon. Whoa, I am getting ahead of myself. First, Aunt Laura and I went on a refreshing 3-mile run, took a shower, actually got ready (meaning: makeup and hair done) and then we went to the parites. First we went to Glenn and Michele's; the owners of Golden Rock dive. There we watched The Three Stooges, ate enchiladas and played Jenga. Bian, some chick, Ethan and I played Jenga until I knocked it down. Then we played it again and Ethan knocked it down. After their party, we went to Kathleen's house. There we got really bored, seeing as there were no kids. Also, we drank our weight in Ting. After Kathleen's party, we went to Wim and Petra's. There, Manny told us all sorts of hilarious stories about the randomest things. Halfway through the story, he would say (island accent) "Boooooyyyyy!". And it was the best. We love Manny. At midnight, Wim and Petra went around giving everyone kisses and good luck wishes. Besides all the drinking, the parties were great.


  1. Hi Ya Francis Marie,
    Your dad is standing in our kitchen and me and Jeff and our son, Sam, and his wife, Christine, are reading your blog. So cool--except for the island lingo; I can't read the accent right. Some help? A little phonetic spelling?

    You're going to be gone for six whole months? How will your mom live without you? Are you home sick yet?

    I'm trying to get your dad to comment on your blog--he's thinking about it (uh huh . . .).

    Hey, figure out how to get some snap shots of your friends and surroundings and the wildlife (any?).

    Good luck in school--


    Cheri Earl

  2. Well. My computer doesn't have a camera adapter, so I can't put the pictures on. But believe me, I have taken so many pictures. I am not homesick. There is so much here to keep me occupied. The island lingo isn't that hard to understand. Just think like Jamaican. Six months is going to be a long time, but it will be fun too. Already I have been SCUBA diving three times and have seen so much wildlife; a barracuda, turtle, shark, and some rays. So cool!