The Island, mon

The Island, mon

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day Five

Today was too long. First, we went to Golden Rock Dive to schedule a dive for that afternoon. There, we met Bion (bee-yon), who is one of the workers there. He is really nice and he's really easy to get along with. We also talked with Michelle who set our dive up. She's also really nice. Steffan and Matt took Ethan, Briant and I on a dive to The Humps. Don't ask why they're called that becase I have no clue. Ethan, Briant and Matt went off together, leaving me with Steffan. He's nice and all, but a little mean in the water. We started looking around, but I was too nervous so I just looked down at the sand. I started hyperventilating and Steffan signaled to go up. When we reached the surface, we got out and I immediately sat down and started bawling. The whole dive, I was hyperventilating and not paying attention to Steffan. When we were driving the boat back, he asked to see my dive card. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a phony. After all that drama, we went to Duggins and got some beads. Right now, Aunt Laura is corn-rowing our hair and putting beads on the ends. For dinner, we had baked potatoes, baked chicken and salad. Since I am vegetarian, my protein was peanut butter. When dinner was over, we watched Christmas movies and put up our stockings.

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